Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dressing Up the Coffee Table

Having already discussed Sofas, Teal Wall Colors and Living Room Decor, it's high time I touch upon the most utilitarian piece of furniture in a Living Room - the Coffee Table. Looking at the heading, you must be wondering, ain't she going for an overkill?? With already a lot of other decor items clamouring for attention, over accessorizing a coffee table will only lead us to decor mayhem. Hear me out, please. How about ideas for clutter-free accessorizing by layering your knick-knacks while playing with height without compromising the functional aspect of the table, in fact, adding to it? 

In my Diwali post, you must have noticed how I decorated my coffee table with a tray and on top of it I played with the varying heights of the hurricane vases, candle stands adding vertical interest and the books balancing it with their horizontal alignment.

Similarly, see below more ways of decorating dressing up your coffee table with trays and layering it with other decorative accessories - 

Friday, November 29, 2013

I Love You, Domino

No I don't mean the pizza (well I love that too!!) but the magazine. I am a fan of their out of the box ideas in terms of decor and design. I was going around the website Buzzfeed and came across this amazing article on what all Domino magazine has taught us over the years. It had stopped circulation in between but is back and spreading the awesomeness around again. Like the writer of this article, Jacki Reeve, says "how the magazine was basically the Pinterest before there was Pinterest". I thought I will share it with you all to get inspiration. I am providing the link here and also pasting the article below. I am in no way claiming any contribution in the article and it is the property of and the writer Jacki Reeve. Here it is for you to know what all has Domino magazine taught us over the years and how the list below resonates with all kinds of decorators - Traditional, Contemporary or Quirky. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Diwali Post - Finally :/

OK I can't stop kicking myself. This is the longest I have disappeared from this blog and boy, do I feel bad. I don't even want to make excuses because they are so downright silly that I will just feel embarrassed if nothing else. Just for laughs, I think I will just tell you. The genuine reason, for starters, is that the sudden change in weather really hit me hard. I was unwell and taking full advantage of the same, I made sure I didn't even lift a finger and turns out, being on the bed for long makes you rediscover the joys of TV viewing. I have to ask, do you like me sometimes forget to even switch on the TV? If not for my husband and his "Political News" and "Cricket" obsession, TV does not even play a role in my life and is just an extra thing I have to get dusted. Being under the weather, I had developed a fixed schedule. Work from home from 10 to 7 and begin the TV marathon from 9 pm. Starting with Masterchef Australia (my husband wants to know when I plan to cook that Mussels they showed in a particular episode) followed by Whitney (it's weirdly funny, really!!) at 10, then Up all Night at 10.30 (I see my not-so-far future coming alive on TV and really who doesn't love Maya Rudolph??) and end it with the final show of Castle at 11 (It's not nail-bitingly thrilling, more of a refined version of our desi C.I.D. but I am hooked!!). In the process, though, the blog was neglected and I can't say sorry enough!! Now, since I promised Diwali pics, I guess I will just go ahead and bombard you with them. Hopefully, next year I will be more prompt :). 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

May I Come In - Vin & Mel's Abode!!

** Working on the Diwali Decor post but how can I be away from you guys for so long. Why don't you enjoy this beautiful home in the meanwhile :).

As couples, my husband and I have a very God-like marriage, specially in terms of home-decor. He proposes, I disposes (all the Grammar Nazis out there, dispose-S work-S better!!). So it really baffles me when I see my Jewelry Designer friend Vinita married to Melvin, who has an Interior background, have a perfectly balanced home and actually have similar aesthetic sensibilities. I couldn't help but share their beautiful home with you, my dear readers. And oh, did I tell you that they will very soon be joined by a gorgeous hunk of a little boy - so pls bless this handsome couple and wish them luck.
Here's a glimpse of their Living Room -

We get a look-see of their Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom. The Nursery and Vinita's home-office is still in their final stages of completion.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Decor Ideas : Diwali 2013

Before I do my "It's almost Here" jig for Diwali, I want to wish all my fabulous readers -

Image Source : 1 & 2

I don't celebrate Halloween, mostly because I don't know the background of it. I wouldn't mind, though, to scare the living daylights out of anyone, and go around town ringing door-bells, asking for candies. Apparently, that's not a thing here :(. 

Anyway, coming back to the things I can do is give you awesome decor ideas from around the web and also show post Diwali, what all I did. Cool starting point huh? 

Going out right now, you will be overwhelmed with the variety available and brings out the crazy shopaholic in our fellow country men and women. I belong to the same category but thanks to this blog, I searched around and found some pretty amazing DIY (do-it-yourself) ideas which are total bang for your buck. This Diwali, let's save some cash and give it to Pinky (so that she stops her assault on us with her non-stop item crap).

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Bed - Best Foot Forward

Hey everyone! So sorry for suddenly being MIA. I have been caught up in a lot of things. Managing a blog while working full-time with a chock-a-block social life does take your schedule for a spin. Well, I have been doing things in bits and pieces. We are now on Facebook and Pinterest - show your love :). Also you might have noticed few updates on the side-bar. It's not easy you know - hell lot of coding and deciphering html. Who said blogging was a piece of cake?? The result though makes my heart sing - labor of love kinda looks like this. 

Anyway, I am not blogging today to brag on my finally-able-to-use-html-abilities (ok just a bit!! NERD) but about our humble bed. Raise your hands if, after a long day of work, you change your clothes and plonk it on the bed, and curse when you have to fold them when you are blinking back sleep. Raise your hands again if you are working on your laptop late in the night and are too lazy to keep it back on the table, so you shift and adjust your dear laptop right next to you. Just me?? 

So how about I introduce to you the concept of aesthetically and functionally decorating the foot of your bed. Apart from tying up the look of the bed adding completeness to it, adding a functional piece right at the end of the bed also serves many purposes. Apart from the ones mentioned above, it can be used for extra storage or a place for you to tie your shoe-laces. Just see -

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mood Swings - Let's Live a Little!!

Having recently done a detailed post on Sofas, I thought it's time to do a "Mood Swing" post on Living rooms. Depending upon the layout of your home, a living room serves multiple purposes. It's the sitting-area for the family sharing their evening cuppas and if you are one of those couples with No-TV-in-Bedroom rule, it's your entertainment zone. Most importantly, though, it's where you welcome and entertain guests. Automatically it being a high traffic zone, it has to serve its purpose effectively plus be pleasing to the eyes. The requirements are pretty basic for the same - a comfortable sofa (already discussed here), a coffee table and a focal point (by way of an entertainment zone or if you live around the hills, a well-designed fire-place).

It's important, first, to determine your style - is it Modern, Contemporary, Transitional or Traditional? If you are confused, then I think Transitional works best with a safe balance between Modern and Traditional.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Color Wise - Teal-icious!!

You should have met me a year ago and I would have gawked at you, had you mentioned, you are using a  "Teal" wall-color. It's a bold, rich color with immense depth. Who in their right mind would use such a color on the walls - #pastelshadesforthewiny'all. Over the course of time, though, I have come to realize how beautiful this color looks and how with the right accessories, will add a bold personality to the room you decide to paint it with. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Countdown Begins - Diwali 2013!!

I feel our country is synonymous with festivities. I was just getting a grip on myself, having fasted 2 whole days in the last week and a half, owing to Dussehra and already we had Bakri-Eid today. Wishing all of you a happy, sumptuous and a festive Bakri-Eid while I nibble on my okras :(. Really, why a reserved holiday today, I have no clue? All I wanted do all day was to rush to Old Delhi and eat like there's no tomorrow (Sigh!! Slurp!!). What, though is leaving me more clueless and worried is the festival lined up right next - Diwali.

Let me tell you, it is my favorite festivals of all and it has nothing to do with crackers. The lights, the diyas, the socializing, the endless possibilities in decor - the entire ambience adds up to that of sheer happiness. The days that lead up to the festival, though, have a different story to tell. The never-ending cleaning spree, the hidden mess in places you didn't know existed till now and the house-help leaving you in the lurch test your patience to no end. With hardly a fortnight left, I know I need to get my act together. What helps always is team-work and a cheat-sheet. So I thought, I will share my progress with you and we can share notes on how to get rid of the mess, quicker. What comes after is definitely the best part, right?? The decorating and finally the ooh-ing, the aah-ing and the smile of satisfaction on your face.

And how do we begin? By ending the clutter of course. No-one has a picture-perfect home always and we all have a hidden horde-er in all of us. No matter how much we hate the junk, it has some sentimental/economic/something-that-I-can’t-put-my-hands-on-now-but-know-will-in-the-future value associated with it. What I always end up doing while de-cluttering is going down memory lane. I will pick up each scrap of paper and rack my brain to remember each and every detail related with it ending up spending hours doing nothing.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What makes a Living Room?

We say it is the Sofa! Scouting for a perfect one to suit the space, look, and feel of your living room is the toughest, because it requires a huge commitment from your side. It should be plush, comfortable, and soft on the bum AND you have to love it for years to come. Looking at my mom’s sofa history (3 in 10 years), I know it always helps to go the classic route with clean classic lines in a neutral color for a longer commitment.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Design Dungeon

Every time Russell Peters mocks the Indian accent and lifestyle, I always laugh with sheer disbelief thinking who even talks like that or behaves like that. I guarantee so many of you will roll your eyes at this post in exactly the same amount of disbelief but trust me, shit happens!! This post is in no way trying to belittle anyone's choices or question their taste. We, at HFA, always maintain that design and decor is subjective and beauty, of course, is in the eyes of the beholder. There are no hard and fast rules for anything but certain common mistakes if avoided can make a lot of difference.

I will try listing out the most common decor mistakes that we make and you can take it up from there, whatever works for you -

Thursday, October 10, 2013


*** Warning : This is a long-ish post. Pls bear with us :)

With the Fall season already here, I thought it is time we did a Trending post. Trends in Décor like in Fashion can really leave you wondering – will this work for me? It’s quite simple really. Like there’s no point wearing a Lycra Tee that makes every bulge in your tummy show, there’s no point decorating – blindly following a trend – that doesn't resonate with your own life. It’s your home after all and through design and décor, it becomes an extension of your individuality.
They say “Home is where the heart is” and I feel that should be the top trend every season. The need should always be to create a more relaxing atmosphere and making every single room, a space that you would want to live in and grow with. Why don’t we begin with a round off of the predictions, celebrating this year’s trends, based on the ideas of creating meaningful and personal space for you?

Monday, October 7, 2013

May I Come In - A Nursery to Die for!

As kids, I shared a bedroom with my brother (trust me, not an ideal situation!). In a perfect world, one would expect your parents to make it kid-friendly - you know, like a Princess theme or a Barbie theme or if you are giving your son's opinion any importance - Mario themed. Well, nothing like that happened. We had a pretty basic, bland room with 2 beds, 1 study table (yes 1, my parents had given up hope on my brother quite early in their lives) and 2 wardrobes. Add into the mix, some random shelves over-flowing with toys (his) and books (mine) and you get the picture what my room (yes mine!! Eat dirt, brother) was like, growing up. So, when I came across a nursery decorated by a dear friend, I realized what I have been missing all my life (Dad, Mom explain that to my shrink :P). All I can say is that I want to go back to being a kid - yeah right!! Let's get real - Samreen, adopt me now!!

Introducing on these pages a dear friend and decorator extraordinaire Samreen Moyeen. Mum of two bonny little girls, she has recently started her own career in Interiors at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Like all indulgent parents, she loves living vicariously through her kids. Here's her beautiful nursery for you to die and reach Nursery Heaven.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Come Away With Me : The Swades Moment

So it happens (cue the Shehnai background score from the movie pls!!). You can run but you cannot hide. Your roots, they unearth you and take you back to where you belong. I am proud, I really am but growing up, Bihar was an albatross around my neck. You want to be known and identified by your roots but who wants to be stereotyped? So I threw attitude when I could, avoided answering when I could but abhorred using “Main” and “Haanji” from the very core of my being. We are Biharis and our “I” is Hum and our “We” is Hum. And really, when you can’t say “Aap lijiyega” sufficing with “Aap loge” then why add a respectful “Ji” to a basic “Haan”?

I don’t want to start a regional warfare zone here but I have a husband who takes “Being Bihari” as a cause in his life and enlightening others as his responsibility. I, obviously, have to be his star student and spread the awesomeness around. I was visiting my parents and one fine day we decided to make our stay worth its while, so we drove up to discover Nalanda.

You can read the history and the story above as I hardly remember the details of what the guide said. What struck me though was the sheer beauty of the place, the stories behind the walls and how the knowledge centre, probably the greatest in this world, was reduced to being a tourist spot?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mood Swings : Welcome Home!

Something has been bothering me a lot. Whenever I am online and looking around for beautiful home pictures (read crushing on them), the one thing that bugs me immensely is the missing concept of an entryway in most Indian homes. The entryway apart from providing a perfect multi-utility space also serves as a snapshot of your entire home. It, like the Air India Maharaja (of course in the good old days), welcomes your guests in your home – with a curtsy, no less!

Depending upon the space in your home, the entryway can serve multiple purposes. Tight on space? You can just hang a few frames, mount a shelf and decorate with few knick-knacks, and hang a key holder serving some utility. Check out the DIY Wonder I found, which has so effectively used the space as a utility corner with the pin-board, sunglass holder, key holder, and letter holder – so many holders! It’s the Hold-All Handbag of an Entryway.


Hello!! Ahoy!! Welcome!!

Hey everyone, we are two home décor junkies, out here to share our passion for a beautiful home. This very passion has resulted in our blog House Flies Anonymous. We will be using this platform to share our ideas on Décor, Design and an easy affordable approach to transforming drab into fab.

What drives us up the wall is while people are getting immensely fashion conscious, following the latest trends to the T, but are stuck in a rut when it comes to their homes. Most of the people we see around are still stuck in the 80s-90s in terms of Home Décor. We all need a nudge, a guiding beacon of light (how Devil Wears Prada of us!!) to just set us on the right path – especially when it doesn’t cost a bomb to keep a house beautiful. All it takes is an effort and a little taste – and we are here to help you with both.

We belong to the times of urbanization and cookie-cutter apartment culture, with a set square foot-age. To add character to it and make it your own becomes a challenge. Luckily we are from a country that has one of the richest textile and handicraft heritage – how we tweak it to suit our transitional modern tastes is upto us. So our liking for contemporary tastes in décor with an added desi quirk factor is sure to strike a chord somewhere.

Share your love, your brick-bats or your queries as a comment on this blog or mail us at – we promise we will try our best to respond to each and every mail sent our way. So get that coffee and set yourself on a comfortable couch and let’s get house-beautiful!!! 

Saturday, September 28, 2013


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