Monday, March 24, 2014

The One with the Throne

OK, so we are finally done with the Winter season. After much confusion about the weather status, we can officially welcome Spring. The situation was quite funny and quite a lot of round-robin jokes about the confusing weather (esp the famous Dabang dialogue joke - heard it?) kept my Whatsapp account abuzz. Not that I am looking forward to the sweltering months ahead but I am really glad to be done and over with the heavy pile of clothes on my body, wearing boots (I hate wearing closed shoes), shorter days - ugghhh not exactly a fan of the winter season!! Sadly, though, there goes my excuse for not taking a bath!!! Eeewwww who does that?? Not me :P

Now that spring is here and summer is just round the corner, why not discuss the Bathroom y'all? After all we will spend a lot of time there splashing our faces, showering twice or thrice a day and maybe catch a stomach bug and crap away (OK that's the first and last reference to it, I swear). Decorating bathrooms, though, easy but is quite often neglected. Whether you have a big or a small bathroom, it is always smart to effectively manage the space to serve you well and add a touch of your personality in the process. More often than not, a guest would like to use your bathroom - impress them non?? We will tell you how - 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Come Away With Me : Destination Coorg

Editor's Note : Pls welcome on board another member in the HFA family, who will take you along with her to Coorg. She chooses to remain, much like all of us here, anonymous. Tell us how you like what she has to say in the comments or you can mail us at

So the husband and I finally got a whole weekend to ourselves (yes, I am one of the few unlucky ones, who work on weekends) and decided to have a small getaway somewhere nearby. Of the many options, we zeroed in on Coorg. Now Coorg (or Kodagu as it is traditionally known) is a beautiful hill station and is a major tourist spot near Bangalore. I haven’t been to many hill stations, except for Ooty a long time ago, so I vehemently nodded my head even before my husband can finish saying Coorg.
We had planned to leave home by around 5.30am so that we could reach early and have sufficient time to cover all the tourist spots. Who am I kidding? We left only by 6.30. Come on, I got a weekend free after like, ages – I am allowed to be lazy. I had also packed sandwiches to eat on the way. I know there are a million restaurants and McD’s on the way but come on, the joy of eating home-packed food while travelling is something else altogether (Yes, I am that kinda woman :P).
We set off towards our destination, thanks to our smart phones – NOT. The drive was great BECAUSE we had done some research before our trip, so knew the various shortcuts and all. I have a Coorgi friend and he had given me a detailed good-old route map to various hot-spots to check out in Coorg.