Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

How did such a mundane object, almost as mundane as breathing (I mean you can't do without both, right?? No?), suddenly become so important in the decor world? Apart from it's utility value, mirrors add so much spunk to any space. Sadly it has been under-appreciated, until now!! From creating illusion of space to reflecting light illuminating dark corners to adding a touch of glamour and drama to any space, mirrors do it all. If you have stuck around for long you would know our sheer irreverence for the humble mirror. So how about we effectively discuss this dynamic element of decor at length and its optimum usage in each room -

1) In the Entryway : A bright mirror in your foyer or entry hallway reflects a lot of light and gives you and your guests a cheery welcome. Also in our busy lives, we are mostly rushing out. A quick look in the mirror while heading out can give you a boost of confidence before facing the real world. Remember that this mirror, apart from adding aesthetic value, also needs to be utilitarian - so please use a mirror in which your reflection is clearly visible. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Come Away With Me : Mysore Musings

Editor's Note : Our traveler fly is back with another trip down south. Pls let us know if you have any questions regarding the place or any suggestions or experience regarding your travel you want to share. Tell us all in the Comments section or mail us at


The much awaited long weekend had finally come and we were aching to go on a road trip, and since Dussehra was just round the corner we thought why not go to the hub of Dussehra celebrations- Mysore! 

So we started off from Bangalore at 7am (Mysore is only abut 3 hrs from Bangalore). Like I mentioned in my earlier travel post, I prefer eating home-packed food on trips, I had indeed packed some yummy juicy burgers for the road. We stopped at Mandya, which is also known as Sugar city, owing to the vast sugarcane fields and sugar processing plants there, and had our burgers whilst admiring the beautiful sugarcane fields and men and women at work. The view was perfect and weather was pleasant. After our halt we continued our journey and finally reached Mysore. My sincere advice would be to not rely too much on your GPS. To put things mildly, had we blindly followed what "she" said, I would not have been alive to write this post!!