Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

How did such a mundane object, almost as mundane as breathing (I mean you can't do without both, right?? No?), suddenly become so important in the decor world? Apart from it's utility value, mirrors add so much spunk to any space. Sadly it has been under-appreciated, until now!! From creating illusion of space to reflecting light illuminating dark corners to adding a touch of glamour and drama to any space, mirrors do it all. If you have stuck around for long you would know our sheer irreverence for the humble mirror. So how about we effectively discuss this dynamic element of decor at length and its optimum usage in each room -

1) In the Entryway : A bright mirror in your foyer or entry hallway reflects a lot of light and gives you and your guests a cheery welcome. Also in our busy lives, we are mostly rushing out. A quick look in the mirror while heading out can give you a boost of confidence before facing the real world. Remember that this mirror, apart from adding aesthetic value, also needs to be utilitarian - so please use a mirror in which your reflection is clearly visible. 

You do remember our Entryway post with the mood-board right?

2) In the Living Room : Now your living room is the space that expects drama. Go all out in our choice of the mirror by going Big, Bold & Glamorous. It can be used to perk up a bare wall or an used weird corner. Oh and the biggest advantage of going with a big mirror - fake extra square footage. With a plethora of ornate mirrors available in all decor stores - offline and online, you will be spoilt for choices. 

Courtesy : Elle Decor

Courtesy :

3) In the Dining Room : Just like the living room, a dining room can be decorated with mirrors. This can be done, either by mounting the mirror on top of your side console or a full sized mirror can be used to serve as the focal point of the room. The addition of a dramatic mirror visually enhances, especially a small room.

How about a mirrored wall - so chic!!

4) In the Bathroom : Mirrors in the bathroom are a necessity but that doesn't mean it should be boring. You can upgrade your builder-grade mirrors with wooden framing or sticking small tiles on the border. Scale becomes an important criteria while choosing the mirror for your bathroom. A very small mirror in a small bathroom, apart from solving no practical purpose, also fails to enhance the look of the bathroom.

Check out below how much of a difference a framed mirror makes in a bathroom - 



Another BEFORE : 

And AFTER : 

5) In the Bedroom : Your bedroom mirror requires drama and a large scale size. It's your full blown utility mirror that should also be stylish. People who follow feng-shui should avoid placing the mirror bang opposite of your bed. Reason being your reflections in the bed makes it a crowded place and spoils the aura and sanctity of the room. The solution can be placing the mirror right above your headboard. Like this - 

I don't know how much of it matters and would really advise you to use your discretion in following any of these rules.

A His & Her Mirror on each side of the bed - interesting!!

Looking at this glamorous dresser above, I am so reminded of Samreen's guest bedroom makeover. Remember her mirrored console table & the gorgeous mirror?

We seem to have covered a lot of ground here. Did we miss something, care to point it out? We would love to discuss further on Mirrors and its usage as an accent in furniture or as tiles. What would you like to be discussed? We will be back with more, until next time - 

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