Friday, January 10, 2014

May I Come In : An Ultra-Glam Guest Bedroom

So I am back (No, not like KJo, dahlings :P) after my month-long hiatus. I would love to describe what all I have been doing all this while but I can see how how eager you are for me to (NOT) tell that story. Let's cut to the chase, shall we? I am sure the title of the post has got you all excited - don't we all love to have a sneak-peek at others' lives (Facebook) or others' homes (this blog!!). So, without further ado, I bring back to you, our decorator extraordinaire, Samreen. You remember her right - the one with the agree-to-adopt-me-and-I-can-leave-my-parents level of awesome nursery??

Well, she heard my pleas (read threats) and did some grown-up magic at her home. As a designer myself, I know the easy and hard bits of decor - a blank slate being easy and a renovation/redecoration the tough part. Samreen, being the decor ninja she is, tackled the tough bit with a nonchalance unbecoming of someone just entering the biz. How about a look-see at the dull and drab "Before" shot of the guest-room she touched with her magic wand?

As you can see the room was already set - loaded with furniture, rugs and curtains but all in a yawn-inducing brown-beige family. Now it was upto Samreen to use this space and somehow make these elements work to her advantage. Now you gotta do, what you gotta do!! Cue drum-roll for the "After" shot, my peeps - 

Whaattttt??? Is this for real?? How does a boring fully-carpeted brown room turn into this eclectic piece of awesomeness? She turned the very same wood and gold bed by polishing all the wood jet black, refurnishing it and adding mirror accents. End result - uber glam!! And this is not even the best part of the room - a sneak peek for  ya - 

And another, just coz I love it so - 

How cheesy was that?? Really, it is so beautiful that I might act a bit deranged here. Are you ready for the full throttle people?

.................... 2 minutes silence for all of us who died and reached mirror-accent furniture heaven!! 

Jokes apart, I don't know what's ticking in that brain of hers because if this is not genius then I don't know what is. To imagine, it is one half of this - is, well, just not possible. Another "Before" to mess with your brains - 

Another shot of the beautiful console table - 

Next up, shot from another angle - 

It's like I can't stop myself - I can flood this post with picture after pictures and yet crave for more. To think her work here is done, is under-estimating the extent of her expertise. Look at another "Before" shot of the seating area - 

And look at the "After" - all Samreen-ified - 

The ultra-glam chairs had me at Hello and I am yet to notice the octagonal mirrored table. This is going to be the toughest choose-your-favorite ever. Just as a recap, another shot of the room as I just can't have enough of it - 

As you all can see, a well thought-over color scheme has played a big role in the beautification of this room. It was also the starting-point of Samreen's decor journey. When asked about her favorite part, she chose the Console table, without missing a beat. 

Thank you so much Samreen for letting the HFA readers in your home, which is beyond beautiful. Now, tell me your favorite part of this room. I have a feeling, "all of it" is going to be the most common answer. 

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