Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Diwali 2014

The last few months have been very tough. We recently (as in 2 months back) shifted to a rented accommodation, from our own house (in-law's house) and awaiting the possession of our own flat which was promised last December (#NCRflatpossessionwoes). There are, obviously, a lot of limitations and challenges we are facing as renters, decor being one of them. Also, with my in-law's place being hardly an hour's drive from our new flat - all festivals have to be doubly celebrated. This, while being a lot of fun, also turns out to be quite hectic.

This year, somehow, my enthusiasm for Diwali was pretty much on the lower end of the spectrum. My husband was surprised and made all the efforts to keep me upbeat. He brought flowers, without being asked - I hardly used them. He brought Rangoli colors - I didn't make one as I was worried I will stain the floor with the colors. Basically, I was walking a tight-rope with the whole "being renter" business. You must be wondering that I am exaggerating the situation here, but the fact is we will hardly be staying in this home - max till March. I don't want to be too connected to this home and put too much of an effort or energy into it that it becomes difficult to dissociate myself. We are also house-proud people and know that this is someone else's house - something that we can not take for granted.

Since we had promised that we will show you a few glimpses of our own homes, to familiarize ourselves with you, here's my take on Diwali this year. Tell us what you think about whatever little I have done.

Fold your hands together as I begin with my Mandir :).

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Table Manners

See we are back with a new post, like we promised. As it happens, we somehow chose to be back, bang in between the festive season. And what are festivals if not celebrated with family. Well, in India - Family & Food - the two F-words that never fail to bring a smile :). 

So we are here to help you with your festival preps. While food and it's variety and taste should be on top of your mind but wouldn't it be absolutely lovely if you gave the presentation a thought - a cherry on the cake I'd say, if I can freely use a food metaphor. Or in the Indian context, the Kaju (Cashew-nut) on your Boondi Laddoo (doubt there is a parallel of this awesomeness in the English speaking world) :P. 

How about we list down few important pointers to guide you in setting your table, making it guest-ready and a cynosure of all eyes. 

It's very important that you decide what kind of dinner or feast you are planning to host. Is it a formal sit-down dinner complete with silverware and overall more elaborate or is it a more casual approach where the food is set on a separate table, buffet style for which you need a fast and easy approach. Let's take each of these settings individually and discuss it at large - 

  •        A Formal Dinner - 

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hi, how have you guys been? Missed us.. at all?? I doubt it. Had we been in your place, we wouldn't have even cared. How dare a new blogger with hardly anything much going for them, even decided to disappear? We are at fault and we own it but we just lost our groove in the midst of it all. We were naive enough to think that just by the content of it all and good research we will be able to carve a niche for ourselves. We didn't want to over-promote ourselves or randomly align with other bloggers in India just so that we generate more “Likes” or more comments. Fact is, we don’t share the style in terms of aesthetics with most of the other décor bloggers. We have a very Modern, clutter-free and clean approach to décor, which somehow is not cutting it – we guess? That being said, for the people who do relate to our style and our blog, we are back and back for good. We promise, we are not going anywhere now – at least not till the time we are sure you will miss us and make us come back.

We got the jolt of our lives when our favoritesssttt bloggers decided to take a step back with no definite date of when they were coming back. To say that we are missing them, is putting it mildly. To say that we are religiously checking their blog and just stopping ourselves from writing a love-song to them is more like it. What gave us a wake-up call was how many people got affected by it!! They have some 5000+ comments and counting and at least 80% of the lot are requesting begging them to come back. What about us?? We were ashamed and how!!