Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dressing Up the Coffee Table

Having already discussed Sofas, Teal Wall Colors and Living Room Decor, it's high time I touch upon the most utilitarian piece of furniture in a Living Room - the Coffee Table. Looking at the heading, you must be wondering, ain't she going for an overkill?? With already a lot of other decor items clamouring for attention, over accessorizing a coffee table will only lead us to decor mayhem. Hear me out, please. How about ideas for clutter-free accessorizing by layering your knick-knacks while playing with height without compromising the functional aspect of the table, in fact, adding to it? 

In my Diwali post, you must have noticed how I decorated my coffee table with a tray and on top of it I played with the varying heights of the hurricane vases, candle stands adding vertical interest and the books balancing it with their horizontal alignment.

Similarly, see below more ways of decorating dressing up your coffee table with trays and layering it with other decorative accessories -