Friday, November 29, 2013

I Love You, Domino

No I don't mean the pizza (well I love that too!!) but the magazine. I am a fan of their out of the box ideas in terms of decor and design. I was going around the website Buzzfeed and came across this amazing article on what all Domino magazine has taught us over the years. It had stopped circulation in between but is back and spreading the awesomeness around again. Like the writer of this article, Jacki Reeve, says "how the magazine was basically the Pinterest before there was Pinterest". I thought I will share it with you all to get inspiration. I am providing the link here and also pasting the article below. I am in no way claiming any contribution in the article and it is the property of and the writer Jacki Reeve. Here it is for you to know what all has Domino magazine taught us over the years and how the list below resonates with all kinds of decorators - Traditional, Contemporary or Quirky. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Diwali Post - Finally :/

OK I can't stop kicking myself. This is the longest I have disappeared from this blog and boy, do I feel bad. I don't even want to make excuses because they are so downright silly that I will just feel embarrassed if nothing else. Just for laughs, I think I will just tell you. The genuine reason, for starters, is that the sudden change in weather really hit me hard. I was unwell and taking full advantage of the same, I made sure I didn't even lift a finger and turns out, being on the bed for long makes you rediscover the joys of TV viewing. I have to ask, do you like me sometimes forget to even switch on the TV? If not for my husband and his "Political News" and "Cricket" obsession, TV does not even play a role in my life and is just an extra thing I have to get dusted. Being under the weather, I had developed a fixed schedule. Work from home from 10 to 7 and begin the TV marathon from 9 pm. Starting with Masterchef Australia (my husband wants to know when I plan to cook that Mussels they showed in a particular episode) followed by Whitney (it's weirdly funny, really!!) at 10, then Up all Night at 10.30 (I see my not-so-far future coming alive on TV and really who doesn't love Maya Rudolph??) and end it with the final show of Castle at 11 (It's not nail-bitingly thrilling, more of a refined version of our desi C.I.D. but I am hooked!!). In the process, though, the blog was neglected and I can't say sorry enough!! Now, since I promised Diwali pics, I guess I will just go ahead and bombard you with them. Hopefully, next year I will be more prompt :). 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

May I Come In - Vin & Mel's Abode!!

** Working on the Diwali Decor post but how can I be away from you guys for so long. Why don't you enjoy this beautiful home in the meanwhile :).

As couples, my husband and I have a very God-like marriage, specially in terms of home-decor. He proposes, I disposes (all the Grammar Nazis out there, dispose-S work-S better!!). So it really baffles me when I see my Jewelry Designer friend Vinita married to Melvin, who has an Interior background, have a perfectly balanced home and actually have similar aesthetic sensibilities. I couldn't help but share their beautiful home with you, my dear readers. And oh, did I tell you that they will very soon be joined by a gorgeous hunk of a little boy - so pls bless this handsome couple and wish them luck.
Here's a glimpse of their Living Room -

We get a look-see of their Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom. The Nursery and Vinita's home-office is still in their final stages of completion.