Friday, November 15, 2013

The Diwali Post - Finally :/

OK I can't stop kicking myself. This is the longest I have disappeared from this blog and boy, do I feel bad. I don't even want to make excuses because they are so downright silly that I will just feel embarrassed if nothing else. Just for laughs, I think I will just tell you. The genuine reason, for starters, is that the sudden change in weather really hit me hard. I was unwell and taking full advantage of the same, I made sure I didn't even lift a finger and turns out, being on the bed for long makes you rediscover the joys of TV viewing. I have to ask, do you like me sometimes forget to even switch on the TV? If not for my husband and his "Political News" and "Cricket" obsession, TV does not even play a role in my life and is just an extra thing I have to get dusted. Being under the weather, I had developed a fixed schedule. Work from home from 10 to 7 and begin the TV marathon from 9 pm. Starting with Masterchef Australia (my husband wants to know when I plan to cook that Mussels they showed in a particular episode) followed by Whitney (it's weirdly funny, really!!) at 10, then Up all Night at 10.30 (I see my not-so-far future coming alive on TV and really who doesn't love Maya Rudolph??) and end it with the final show of Castle at 11 (It's not nail-bitingly thrilling, more of a refined version of our desi C.I.D. but I am hooked!!). In the process, though, the blog was neglected and I can't say sorry enough!! Now, since I promised Diwali pics, I guess I will just go ahead and bombard you with them. Hopefully, next year I will be more prompt :). 

What better way than to start with flowers :).

I mainly decorated my Living Room coffee table and went on a budget shopping spree for the same - #Lajpatnagarlove. Here goes the first view when I had just set it, even the candles are not lighted yet. The tray, if you are interested, is picked from an export fair recently held in my city and was very reasonably priced at INR 1500. 

And next when the candles are lighted - such a difference!!

I felt the glass tumblers looked somewhat incomplete. So I added some marigold petals, as you can see above. The mini terra-cotta pots are actually Indrani cups from our local sweet-shop - upcycled by yours truly. More of a quickie project, I just painted the base with some poster colors and used a black marker for random designs on top like checks, chevron etc. 

Now a close up of the beautiful glass tumblers/vases which I sourced from Lajpat Nagar at a measly amount of INR 150 each. The black Candle stands at an unbelievable price of 30 bucks - I will leave you to pick your jaws off the floor :P. 

Next up is the floral decoration in an urn on top of a tabla-shaped sort-of a table and you also get a sneak-peek of my Rangoli, which was inspired from here ,although mine doesn't even hold a candle to it :( 

Now, looking at my Rangoli you might wonder why the peacock is suffering from "Peacock Vitiligo" (it's just a disease I came up with :P). Well, genius that I am, I didn't scale my design according to the amount of color I had bought and just went all out. Turns out, I get short of the deep blue color and randomly filled in the remaining portion with a lighter blue color, which instead of creating a shaded effect makes my poor peacock afflicted with PV :(. 

Next up is the book-shelf corner which I jazzed up a bit, mostly with few candle-stands, a feng-shui plant and a certain Mr. Jobs :). The tribal lady candle stand needs special mention as that was picked by my dear husband and he couldn't stop gloating about the "huge" contribution he made in the entire set-up.

A close-up of the tribal lady (she also has earrings - did you notice?) and my favorite glass and crystal candle stand - 3 means triple the fun :).

How about I conclude this with "Lights". A view of my front garden, I know the Electric pole or whatever pole that is, is totally killing the effect :(. Concentrate on the lights, will ya :)

Tell me, how did you like my effort? I know it's very late but would you like to share your Diwali pics with us - let's make Diwali happening all of November :). You can mail us at with a small write-up. Or you can share it on our Facebook page, just click the icon on the side-panel with the Facebook logo - easy-peasy :).

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