Monday, February 29, 2016

The Wall : Give them some Love & Decor!!

Something that I can never get on board with and that really drives me up the wall (I can really win an award with my puns. Let me know when to rein it in :P) are BLANK WALLS. While I totally get the concept of "Minimal Chic", I don't understand how a piece of decor on the wall makes it any less chic?? So I thought I will just bounce around few Wall decor ideas and you can take it forward from there, whatever works for you (when in doubt, just shout :P. I mean mail us.).

1) Frame 'Em Up - A wall of frames is always a good idea! It can be frames of family portraits, paintings (by others or yourself), framed fabrics (yes, why not? We come across such beautiful textile art that they need to be under the spot-light), framing tapestry - the list is endless and the possibilities, myriad. You can mix it up with playing with different shapes - oval, circular, square and rectangle. You can also play around by mixing up the theme, say a collection of family portraits with paintings by your grandmother.

See how the family portraits are balanced by the silhouette arts and how the frame shapes have been played around with. Such an interesting wall!!

Courtesy : Elle Decor