Friday, October 18, 2013

Color Wise - Teal-icious!!

You should have met me a year ago and I would have gawked at you, had you mentioned, you are using a  "Teal" wall-color. It's a bold, rich color with immense depth. Who in their right mind would use such a color on the walls - #pastelshadesforthewiny'all. Over the course of time, though, I have come to realize how beautiful this color looks and how with the right accessories, will add a bold personality to the room you decide to paint it with. 

With Diwali around the corner and so many of you planning to repaint your homes, we start with the "Color Wise" series. I will begin with this deep rich tone and how it works effectively. Should you play it safe, and paint just an accent wall like the ones below - 

Or go all out like these - 

Talking of favorites, Teal paint color has to be my choice for a Formal Dining Room. This bold moody tone, with the right furniture and pops of bright colors in small measure, can turn out to be a sophisticated choice. See how in the pic below the White board and batten, the darker furniture and mirror and just a tinge of pop through the lime wall-art adds a touch of sophistication to this dining room.

When you can do more, why stop at the Dining Room. I suggest, go for a lesser saturated Teal and see how your Living Room gives a coastal vibe. Balance the wall-color with bright accessories in Lime or Tangerine and have White or Mint/Pastel Blue airy drapes and voila, it's a coastal vacation!!

Imagine a bold eclectic mix of colors and you can see toddlers going YAY!! A nursery with Teal walls, white/dark wood crib, and a blast of bright colors and you have me at hello!

Here's a softer take on the same hue - say you love it!

How about some boy-room fun? Imagine the likes of a tween/teenager (how about a nautical themed room or a superhero theme) and see for yourself how this color works its wonder.

I can go on and on about this color but will it make sense if I don't show you the practical application of the same. So how about a Living Room how-to-use-teal manual for you? Check the source-list too.

Source List :
1) Sofa : From Urban Ladder
2) Coffee Table : From Urban Ladder
3) Rug : From Fab Furnish
4) All 4 Cushions : From India Circus
5) Nested Tables : From Urban Ladder
6) Table Lamp : From Fab Furnish
7) Wall Tile Set : From Fab Furnish
    The Wall of Frames : Just a representation

The rule of thumb for selecting wall-color, always, is to pick it last. Plan your room with what is available by means of upholstery fabric and other decor items and work your paint color around that, as the choice there is unlimited. So have I been able to make you love this color? Any paint-color related jitters, send it all our way - we will be happy to help :).


  1. Beautiful colours ... love the green curtains with elephant motif...

  2. Hi Esther, we love the curtains too... Will you be using a teal wall color anytime soon??