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*** Warning : This is a long-ish post. Pls bear with us :)

With the Fall season already here, I thought it is time we did a Trending post. Trends in Décor like in Fashion can really leave you wondering – will this work for me? It’s quite simple really. Like there’s no point wearing a Lycra Tee that makes every bulge in your tummy show, there’s no point decorating – blindly following a trend – that doesn't resonate with your own life. It’s your home after all and through design and décor, it becomes an extension of your individuality.
They say “Home is where the heart is” and I feel that should be the top trend every season. The need should always be to create a more relaxing atmosphere and making every single room, a space that you would want to live in and grow with. Why don’t we begin with a round off of the predictions, celebrating this year’s trends, based on the ideas of creating meaningful and personal space for you?


This jeweled toned beauty of a color is announced “Color of the Year – 2013” by Pantone. Using this lush, vivid color through furnishing or décor items is sure to give a face-lift to any dreary room.

The beauty of this color lies in its easy merging-in quality. Colors like last year’s Tangerine Tango, though sound exciting but if not used right can stick out like a sore thumb. While Emerald can be fun, exotic or even dramatic. Create drama by pairing Emerald drapes or Sofa in a neutral room (like in the 2nd pic) or play subtle and safe by using small accent pieces in Emerald like the cushions above. I have created a Mood-board for all the Emerald (and few Greens) goodies available online with a source-list.

 Source List :
i)        King Bedsheet and Pillow Covers : From Fabfurnish
ii)       Towel Set : From Fabfurnish
iii)     Cushion Cover : From Fabfurnish
iv)     Double Bedsheet with 4 Pillow Covers : From Jabong
v)      Chair : From Pepperfry
vi)     Lamp : From Jabong 

    2)    COLOR BLOCKING : It is a trend that has been scorching the runways in the last few years. Started with a subtle marriage of neutrals (like browns and beiges), it has now reached its full crescendo in crazy color combinations like red and neon pink, orange and purple and grey and neon yellow. Now home décor requires a subtle balance and sane discretion while playing with two or more colors. 

In the pic above, you can see how these bold neon colors have been effectively balanced by neutral walls and dark wood furniture and trim. The pic above it has played it safe yet introduced a brighter hue in smaller measure, being bang-on trend.

3) STRIPES & GEOMETRICS : This is one trend which, I feel, is the easiest to incorporate. Striped rugs, striped walls, striped bed linen, chevron wall-art, the list is endless. I am sure some of you, esp. those who have contemporary tastes in home décor, must already have a stripe or geometric piece in your home. Go thick, go thin. Go multicolor, go monochromatic. Go horizontal, go vertical. Easy on the eye and immense possibilities – this trend is a keeper. Why don’t you see for yourself how you can have fun and add an edge to your home? 

How versatile yet how easily applicable this trend is – I love it to bits. The bold stripes in the 1st pic, the overall display layout of the 2nd pic, the smart choices in the cushions of the 3rd pic, the perfect balance of stripe and chevrons in the 4th pic  – what’s not to love?

Stripes galore – see how I have collated amazing striped beauties available online in the mood-board below with a source-list.

Source List :
i)                    Wall Paper : from Fabfurnish
ii)                   Cushions : from Fabfurnish
iii)                 Clock : from Watchkart
iv)                 Bed Linen : from Jabong
v)                  Multi-purpose Buckets : from Zansaar
vi)                 Table Lamp : from Fabfurnish
vii)               Shower Curtain : from Fabfurnish

       4) STUDS & RIVETS : Elle Décor has this to say about the trend “Grommets, studs, and other metal accents are imbuing fashion and the home with an industrial edge and a tough, chic sheen”. I, for one, have to say that it isn’t for everyone. There are trends that get accepted seamlessly and then there are trends that need a little time, a little tweaking and a little exposure before it gets accepted. This is one of those. Rivets on sofa or headboard add a certain level of visual interest or act as a focal point for the entire room. This trend appeals to me in form of accessories or a small detail, say a studded pillow. What is your take on this trend?

Does it work for you? How would you recreate this trend, if at all it strikes your fancy? Do share.

Let me know about this round up – inspirational? Await your take on these trends and would love it if you send pics of your on-trend homes. Happy decorating J.

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