Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mood Swings : Welcome Home!

Something has been bothering me a lot. Whenever I am online and looking around for beautiful home pictures (read crushing on them), the one thing that bugs me immensely is the missing concept of an entryway in most Indian homes. The entryway apart from providing a perfect multi-utility space also serves as a snapshot of your entire home. It, like the Air India Maharaja (of course in the good old days), welcomes your guests in your home – with a curtsy, no less!

Depending upon the space in your home, the entryway can serve multiple purposes. Tight on space? You can just hang a few frames, mount a shelf and decorate with few knick-knacks, and hang a key holder serving some utility. Check out the DIY Wonder I found, which has so effectively used the space as a utility corner with the pin-board, sunglass holder, key holder, and letter holder – so many holders! It’s the Hold-All Handbag of an Entryway.


Alternatively, the one below – so little space, yet so effective in its execution.

If you are lucky enough to have a house, where some space, by means of a mini foyer is allocated in your floor-plan – a lot can be done. By way of utility, a shoe-rack (with a closed cabinetry – trust me no one wants to be greeted by your muddied Jimmy Choos, no matter how fancy!!) can be placed and around it a whole display can be planned with frames, candles, mirrors et al. See for yourself.
This is a perfect example here, of how the usage of soothing pastel tones mixed with a dull metallic color can elevate the look of a room to so many levels. Is anyone else here crushing on the chairs?


The picture above has effectively played on muted tones like browns, beiges, and a dull gold lamp and adds a pop of freshness through an aqua vase and yellow flowers – how very chic! Also, notice the placement of the books below and the cool bookends. The wicker basket does its share of utility and the antique gold platter can be used to drop your keys or accessories. 

 This picture here appeals to me mainly because of the stylish mirror – so simple yet so effective. In addition, the closed cabinet serves a multitude of purposes – I am not for clutter but you gots to hide what you gots to hide ;).

After reading this post you must be wondering why am I calling it Mood Swings. You did not? People, you have to be more inquisitive! Anyway, this is just an introduction to an initiative we thought of lining up. So every week, we will show you a how-to with a mood-board, made by "the Flies", with an entire source-list for you to get started.

Source List :

1)      Shoe Rack : From FabFurnish
2)      Key Holder : From Jabong
3)      Buddha Frame : From Jabong
4)      Mirror : From FabFurnish
5)      Metal Candle Stand : From Jabong
6)      Miniature House Models : From Fabulloso
7)      Books Image – Courtesy Pinterest.com  

We leave you with some food for thought. Do let us know how helpful this mood-board was. 
Happy Decorating, xoxo!


  1. thanks for the inspirational post. I'm gonna use these ideas and revamp my entryway!!