Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mood Swings - Let's Live a Little!!

Having recently done a detailed post on Sofas, I thought it's time to do a "Mood Swing" post on Living rooms. Depending upon the layout of your home, a living room serves multiple purposes. It's the sitting-area for the family sharing their evening cuppas and if you are one of those couples with No-TV-in-Bedroom rule, it's your entertainment zone. Most importantly, though, it's where you welcome and entertain guests. Automatically it being a high traffic zone, it has to serve its purpose effectively plus be pleasing to the eyes. The requirements are pretty basic for the same - a comfortable sofa (already discussed here), a coffee table and a focal point (by way of an entertainment zone or if you live around the hills, a well-designed fire-place).

It's important, first, to determine your style - is it Modern, Contemporary, Transitional or Traditional? If you are confused, then I think Transitional works best with a safe balance between Modern and Traditional.

A Modern/Contemporary style works best if you are a 1500-2400 sq. ft.of an apartment dweller while you can go all-out Traditional if you own one of those 10000 sq. ft. of  a bungalow. Like here -

I am, forever, trying to decipher my style and always end up being a Transitional girl with a strong liking for Modern, clutter-free clean lines and a soft-spot for a few Traditional key-pieces. In furnitures though, I am an out and out Modern gal. It helps, really, to know where you stand. Of course, when in doubt shoot a mail to us :).

While decorating your Living Room, keep in mind your end-use, space and budget. Plan for sturdy furniture and enough space by means of drawers, shelves etc for this to be a utility zone too. Say, your entertainment center can have built-in shelves and drawers for you to conveniently store your movies, video-games, few books and smaller electronic equipment like DVD players.  

Once you are done with buying your space and function appropriate furniture, you can start planning your decor. Don't be afraid of experimenting with color. While the sofa, coffee table, media console can be neutral, you can go bold and bright by means of accessories. Curtains, rugs, accent chairs, wall decor, an accent wall are all great for adding color and visual interest.

As the post title suggests, let's try a mood-board for a Living Room and see how we can effectively plan it. It of course is followed by a source-list. 

Source List :
1) Sofa : From Urban Ladder
2) Cushions : From India Circus
3) Cushions : From India Circus
4) Cushions : From India Circus
5) Coffee Table : From Fabfurnish
6) Rug : From Fabfurnish
7) Console Table : From Fabfurnish
8) Lamp : From Fabfurnish
9) Mirror : From Fabfurnish
10) Table Clock : From Fabfurnish
11) Side Table : From Urban Ladder
12) Accent Chair & Ottoman : From Here (Can't seem to find a decent Accent Chair anywhere, so this ref pic which can be easily recreated by a local carpenter)

As always, I have to know how did you like this Mood-board? Helpful? Pls send us your comments and queries. Happy Decorating :).

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