Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello!! Ahoy!! Welcome!!

Hey everyone, we are two home décor junkies, out here to share our passion for a beautiful home. This very passion has resulted in our blog House Flies Anonymous. We will be using this platform to share our ideas on Décor, Design and an easy affordable approach to transforming drab into fab.

What drives us up the wall is while people are getting immensely fashion conscious, following the latest trends to the T, but are stuck in a rut when it comes to their homes. Most of the people we see around are still stuck in the 80s-90s in terms of Home Décor. We all need a nudge, a guiding beacon of light (how Devil Wears Prada of us!!) to just set us on the right path – especially when it doesn’t cost a bomb to keep a house beautiful. All it takes is an effort and a little taste – and we are here to help you with both.

We belong to the times of urbanization and cookie-cutter apartment culture, with a set square foot-age. To add character to it and make it your own becomes a challenge. Luckily we are from a country that has one of the richest textile and handicraft heritage – how we tweak it to suit our transitional modern tastes is upto us. So our liking for contemporary tastes in décor with an added desi quirk factor is sure to strike a chord somewhere.

Share your love, your brick-bats or your queries as a comment on this blog or mail us at housefliesanonymous@gmail.com – we promise we will try our best to respond to each and every mail sent our way. So get that coffee and set yourself on a comfortable couch and let’s get house-beautiful!!! 

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