Tuesday, November 5, 2013

May I Come In - Vin & Mel's Abode!!

** Working on the Diwali Decor post but how can I be away from you guys for so long. Why don't you enjoy this beautiful home in the meanwhile :).

As couples, my husband and I have a very God-like marriage, specially in terms of home-decor. He proposes, I disposes (all the Grammar Nazis out there, dispose-S work-S better!!). So it really baffles me when I see my Jewelry Designer friend Vinita married to Melvin, who has an Interior background, have a perfectly balanced home and actually have similar aesthetic sensibilities. I couldn't help but share their beautiful home with you, my dear readers. And oh, did I tell you that they will very soon be joined by a gorgeous hunk of a little boy - so pls bless this handsome couple and wish them luck.
Here's a glimpse of their Living Room -

We get a look-see of their Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom. The Nursery and Vinita's home-office is still in their final stages of completion.

Starting off, they didn't feel any beginner's jitters as they really loved the layout and floor-plan of their home. They were pretty clear on a clean clutter free home which resonates with their personalities. This home is their first baby as they did it totally on their own with no professional help (that's how babies are made, aren't they :P?) - right from choosing the paints on the walls to the lights and the furniture. It definitely helped that both of them have similar aesthetic sensibilities (how God, how?). 

The bright and well-lit Living Room is Vinita's favorite and the direction is working marvelously for her new hobby - gardening.
Let's now head to the kitchen - the open layout makes it look so big and inviting. I can actually cook a 3 course meal here (yeah 3, let's not push it!!) without grumbling, for say, 15 minutes ;).

In it's corner is their refrigerator full of magnets - my heart is set on it. The magnets are special, chronicling their travel experiences. It's like their travel diary on their refrigerator - 

Another corner that makes me do a little jig of my own is their mini bar, which by the way is Melvin's labor of love. It's not your regular assortment of liquor, but personalized with collectibles gathered over time. For instance, a ceramic wine serving bottle they picked from Turkey, a wooden beer mug Vinita had got for Melvin from Texas, an assembled tiny hukka they picked from Mumbai's Colaba Street and so on.

Starting off in a planned manner, they created color codes for each room and studied the space before going ahead and doing it up. Vinita feels not having a direction can render you lost and confused at times. She has a simple mantra for decor, it's like make up for her - 1) Study the space 2) Highlight the positives, and 3) work on the negatives. Didn't she simplify it for you folks?

How colorful yet so relaxing is that bedroom! And that lovely picture on the wall, I am sure many a conflicts are resolved just by one glance at it :).

Up next is the bathroom, which I am not sure, but has Vinita written all over it. Why?? The pot-pourri, this gal loves her pot-pourri (Quick trivia - Vinita taught me how to pronounce pot-pourri, #notexactlyproud). 

As a parting shot, Vinita shares some pointers she learned over the years for our readers. a) You can never have enough plants ( natural ones ) ! When well grown, they add an instant boost to any space and add so much of positive energy b) Clean, shiny, big mirrors can totally rock a space. You can have them cut in interesting patterns/frame them/ align them in interesting formats, etc. They instantly add glamour to your walls plus add visual interest and illusion of more space. c) Doing a home together with your partner and/or other family members helps a lot as an added perspective only adds more personality to your home (Note to self).

Wow, Vinita and Melvin - that's a beautiful home and thanks a lot for sharing it with us :). Now, let's play favorites. Tell us what part of this beautiful home resonated with you the most? All of it, is a perfectly acceptable answer :). 

P.S. : Do you have a home or a corner of your home that you would like to share, right here on this blog? Submit your story and some photos to housefliesanonymous@gmail.com.

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