Monday, October 7, 2013

May I Come In - A Nursery to Die for!

As kids, I shared a bedroom with my brother (trust me, not an ideal situation!). In a perfect world, one would expect your parents to make it kid-friendly - you know, like a Princess theme or a Barbie theme or if you are giving your son's opinion any importance - Mario themed. Well, nothing like that happened. We had a pretty basic, bland room with 2 beds, 1 study table (yes 1, my parents had given up hope on my brother quite early in their lives) and 2 wardrobes. Add into the mix, some random shelves over-flowing with toys (his) and books (mine) and you get the picture what my room (yes mine!! Eat dirt, brother) was like, growing up. So, when I came across a nursery decorated by a dear friend, I realized what I have been missing all my life (Dad, Mom explain that to my shrink :P). All I can say is that I want to go back to being a kid - yeah right!! Let's get real - Samreen, adopt me now!!

Introducing on these pages a dear friend and decorator extraordinaire Samreen Moyeen. Mum of two bonny little girls, she has recently started her own career in Interiors at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Like all indulgent parents, she loves living vicariously through her kids. Here's her beautiful nursery for you to die and reach Nursery Heaven.

Her love for everything delicate and beautiful is pretty evident in this Nursery. Soft pastel colors call out her name and if its in her hands we will all be introduced to a new hue - Pastel Black!!

When asked about her inspiration for this room, she attributes it to her two daughters and their love for tutus and bling. She got down to work with a determination of a Decor Ninja and this is her labour of love for 3 relentless weeks. Before you ask where she picked the bed or the dresser from, we should tell you she had everything made - from scratch. Knowing exactly what she wanted, she got the carpenters home, gave them a room to get to work and be supervised right under her nose. The soft furnishings are all customized too, all made at home. From the wall-decals to the Monogrammed pillows (Given her privacy concerns, we have blurred her daughters' names) - this room is fit for royalty.

Talking of favorites, I will give an eye to get my hands at that beautiful chandelier, which pretty obviously, is personalized. Sourced locally, it was a basic black one in which she added hints of pink and white and added the shades she picked while vacationing in America. How about a closer look at that awesome chandelier? Be warned, I have dibs on this one - better luck next time ;).

As a parting shot, Samreen has this to say for our readers - "Your room should be an extension of you, a space you are comfortable in. Give special attention to the bedroom as that's where you spend most of your time, ensuring the room lifts your spirits."

I can never thank Samreen enough for letting me in her Nursery and allowing it to be shared on this blog. 

What about you? Tell us how you liked this Nursery and how many of you are inspired enough to recreate it in your own way, provided you have kids (Disclaimer : HFA is not responsible for a sudden baby boom :P)?

Let's play favorites. Tell us your favorite part of this room - tough choice right? Keep getting inspired, xoxo.

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  1. You have aptly called her 'decorator extraordinaire' her taste is impeccable and her talent enviable. The nursery is awe inspiring & looks out of a fairytale. Great job on your part for featuring such a delightful work of art. Looking forward to reading more about samreen moyeen's work on your blog.