Monday, February 10, 2014

#Trending : Color of the Year

Behold my beauties, as Pantone has announced the color of the year - 2014!!! It seems only yesterday that I was talking about Emerald, which was the color of 2013 and here I am again - serves me right for starting a decor blog towards the year end :(. Being very vague then, I would like to elaborate what this hoo-haa is all about. Well, for starters - Pantone is like the drug-lord of colors. Sitting in New Jersey, they have this crazily correct color system going on which is kinda followed as a standard world over, across a variety of industries like textile, printing, plastic etc. They have a set pattern of number codes for each color imaginable, which is the same everywhere with proper reference books and color chips for your convenience. Works out great because almost everyday, sitting comfy in my chair, I mail my printer in Ludhiana what color I want in a particular design (He still messes up is a story for another day - Pantone is not FOOL-proof you see!!). So, whatever the drug-lord says, you just vehemently nod your head along.

2014, carrying with it a load of hopes for change for the good for everyone in general and Delhiites in particular (Highly let down, Mr Kejriwal!!) - saw "Radiant Orchid" being announced as the Color of the Year.

Never a fan of Purple in decorating, this color seemed to me as a tough nut to crack. What always works, when in doubt, is to start by small measures. Treading in a never-tried-before territory is always filled with doubt and the risk of going horribly wrong. Like I always say, a trend is a trend - here today, gone tomorrow. Introduce a big change, following a trend, only if you are highly committed to it. Embracing my fears, I thought I will list down few pointers on working around with this color.