Wednesday, April 2, 2014

May I Come In : Reny's Nautical Abode

You remember that time when the height of cool was remembering the “My Heart Will Go On” lyrics verbatim, or trying the Titanic pose every time you are on a ferry boat or any boat or near water or just because there are 2 of you? I, actually, went through a phase from 1997-2002 where I believed I will meet the temporary love of my life (come-on I will not marry a hippie for crying out loud!!) with casual wind-swept hair, talking to me about art and living for the moment (home loans be damned!!), on a ship. Then came the Internet revolution and this whole “mistakes in the movie TITANIC” kinda extensive researches, Leo’s (yeah I can call him that) conscious departure from cute-boyish to serious-rugged style, it all made me sigh and move on. My love for the vast open ocean and the dream of a cruise trip is still intact, though. So imagine my thrill when I get to meet Reny who shares the same love, actually more, much much more. So much more that when it came to building his house, he built it totally around the look of a ship’s interior. 

Come along with us as we take a tour of our very first theme-based home. Let me first properly introduce Reny. Reny Joseph, who works in the Merchant Navy, is the proud owner of this nautical themed home, along with his lovely wife Reena . He claims the ocean to be his first, oops, second (sorry Reena) love and with a man totally smitten, he displayed his love in his home. The theme has been played along with a lot of usage of sturdy wood, glimpse of which you receive as soon as you enter. The first thing you notice is the massive wooden door with the glass cut-outs making the sun-light do a jig of their own. I am actually imagining a tail-coat wearing door-man opening it for me with Celine Dion providing the background score (I am still at –it with my Titanic references – Gawwdd I am stuck in the 90s!!).