Monday, October 28, 2013

The Bed - Best Foot Forward

Hey everyone! So sorry for suddenly being MIA. I have been caught up in a lot of things. Managing a blog while working full-time with a chock-a-block social life does take your schedule for a spin. Well, I have been doing things in bits and pieces. We are now on Facebook and Pinterest - show your love :). Also you might have noticed few updates on the side-bar. It's not easy you know - hell lot of coding and deciphering html. Who said blogging was a piece of cake?? The result though makes my heart sing - labor of love kinda looks like this. 

Anyway, I am not blogging today to brag on my finally-able-to-use-html-abilities (ok just a bit!! NERD) but about our humble bed. Raise your hands if, after a long day of work, you change your clothes and plonk it on the bed, and curse when you have to fold them when you are blinking back sleep. Raise your hands again if you are working on your laptop late in the night and are too lazy to keep it back on the table, so you shift and adjust your dear laptop right next to you. Just me?? 

So how about I introduce to you the concept of aesthetically and functionally decorating the foot of your bed. Apart from tying up the look of the bed adding completeness to it, adding a functional piece right at the end of the bed also serves many purposes. Apart from the ones mentioned above, it can be used for extra storage or a place for you to tie your shoe-laces. Just see -

Two simple X-base stools add so much glamour to these bedrooms above and can be used to keep half-read books or a throw as seen in the pictures.

Don't have enough space for a separate seating area in your bedroom, use the foot of your bed. Like here - 

Take the simple approach and just add an upholstered bench. Adding few baskets underneath can work wonders for any storage dilemma. 

Add a rustic charm by upcycling your grandma's vintage trunk. This, apart from adding an old-world charm to your bedroom can also serve dual function of storage and tables.

Courtesy : Houzz

Considering space constraints again, how about a desk with a hidden stool? Having a desk in a bedroom really works and these excellent options really add a whole lot of appeal - 

Courtesy : Houzz

Not able to find the perfect bench or stool for your bed, how about grouping 2 or 3 small ottoman poufs? 

Courtesy : Houzz

Ending this round-up with an idea that is going to make all my dog-lover friends and their don't-want-the-dog-on-the-bed spouse grin from ear to ear. Hello Dog Beds!!

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