Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Diwali 2014

The last few months have been very tough. We recently (as in 2 months back) shifted to a rented accommodation, from our own house (in-law's house) and awaiting the possession of our own flat which was promised last December (#NCRflatpossessionwoes). There are, obviously, a lot of limitations and challenges we are facing as renters, decor being one of them. Also, with my in-law's place being hardly an hour's drive from our new flat - all festivals have to be doubly celebrated. This, while being a lot of fun, also turns out to be quite hectic.

This year, somehow, my enthusiasm for Diwali was pretty much on the lower end of the spectrum. My husband was surprised and made all the efforts to keep me upbeat. He brought flowers, without being asked - I hardly used them. He brought Rangoli colors - I didn't make one as I was worried I will stain the floor with the colors. Basically, I was walking a tight-rope with the whole "being renter" business. You must be wondering that I am exaggerating the situation here, but the fact is we will hardly be staying in this home - max till March. I don't want to be too connected to this home and put too much of an effort or energy into it that it becomes difficult to dissociate myself. We are also house-proud people and know that this is someone else's house - something that we can not take for granted.

Since we had promised that we will show you a few glimpses of our own homes, to familiarize ourselves with you, here's my take on Diwali this year. Tell us what you think about whatever little I have done.

Fold your hands together as I begin with my Mandir :).

I, mainly, decorated my coffee table as I was wary of everything else. Check for yourself -

The tray, I am sure, you remember from here. The crystal glass tumbler on the right end is a wedding gift. I filled it up with some pot pourri. The lattice work artifacts are all marble, bought from our last trip to Agra. The gold iron atop the stack of books is a Colaba Street find when we were visiting friends in Bombay - a city after my heart :). Some more views of the same -

The cushions are from Lifestyle's Home Center. If I remember correctly, they were Rs. 500 a pop.

You light a tea-light candle inside (better still a scented one) and see how beautifully the light emanates from this.

This beautiful jewellery box, below, makes me feel like a princess!!

This one deserves a close-up view -

This one below, is the Colaba Street find I was talking about. I just love it.

And, finally Tada - Lights, Camera, Lame Joke!! :P

Oh, did you notice that small cute elephant. Even he is made of marble and bought from Agra.

That's all for this post, I am still in the holiday hangover. This must be the first time this year or last 3-4 yrs combined that I got 4 1/2 days leaves from my work-place. Going back today was arduous, to say the least. I, still have few more corners of my Diwali-decked home that I have to share but the images are yet to be edited. We will be back with those soon. Share with us, how you decorated your home for Diwali this year :).

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