Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hi, how have you guys been? Missed us.. at all?? I doubt it. Had we been in your place, we wouldn't have even cared. How dare a new blogger with hardly anything much going for them, even decided to disappear? We are at fault and we own it but we just lost our groove in the midst of it all. We were naive enough to think that just by the content of it all and good research we will be able to carve a niche for ourselves. We didn't want to over-promote ourselves or randomly align with other bloggers in India just so that we generate more “Likes” or more comments. Fact is, we don’t share the style in terms of aesthetics with most of the other décor bloggers. We have a very Modern, clutter-free and clean approach to décor, which somehow is not cutting it – we guess? That being said, for the people who do relate to our style and our blog, we are back and back for good. We promise, we are not going anywhere now – at least not till the time we are sure you will miss us and make us come back.

We got the jolt of our lives when our favoritesssttt bloggers decided to take a step back with no definite date of when they were coming back. To say that we are missing them, is putting it mildly. To say that we are religiously checking their blog and just stopping ourselves from writing a love-song to them is more like it. What gave us a wake-up call was how many people got affected by it!! They have some 5000+ comments and counting and at least 80% of the lot are requesting begging them to come back. What about us?? We were ashamed and how!!

So we made a list. Call it a Declaration, if you so like.

  • We will continue doing what we like best, PATIENTLY and will hopefully find like-minded individuals who will relate with our content. If not tomorrow, then maybe 2 years down the line. But we will keep at it!!
  • We will never ever take our readers for granted or laden any expectations on them. 
  • We will re-brand ourselves and come back with a better and user-friendly layout. We have already made a start, if you have noticed :)
  • We will diversify!! This is not a mercy cry of survival’s instinct but more about our personalities. While we love décor and want to be defined by it, we think a little diversification in the ratio of 4:1 posts, where 4 being of décor and 1 being of anything else that interests us will help us relate to you better. Our blog after all is an extension of our personality and we assure you there is a lot to us, apart from décor. 
  • We will post more often, take initiative in creating reader-friendly query zones and have more interaction with you to get better idea of what you want. 
  • More pics, less words. Well we already broke this pact in this post itself, but we realize we are more chatty than necessary. We know that you visit us to get inspired, and as they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” so we will take care in the future. 
  • Share more personal pictures. This is something we have avoided doing, as the online world is chaotic and cluttered – as famously uttered by TOI :P. Jokes apart, while we will maintain our anonymity, we will definitely share more pics from our own home or any other personal experience that we feel can connect us to you better. 
  • Take each day as it comes and work really hard!!!

We hope you liked the new header and our overall different approach to this blog baby of ours. We hope to be getting your response – love, brickbats anything in the comment section, emails or just a message or wall-post on our Facebook page, whatever rocks your boat :). A little nudge to let us know you are there, as what are we without you. Look forward to keep connecting with you. 

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