Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Joy To The World!!

I don't know how many of you relate to it, but I went to a Catholic Girls' School and this time of the year - in my mind - is the most festive. As a kid, I used to be super excited about December approaching because it would mean my school will be decked up, there will be carols sung and Santa Claus (I still don't know who dressed up as Santa in our school) distributing gifts. Just before the holidays, the Nativity scene will be enacted and I used to be in awe every year!!! Christmas is such a festival that it inevitably spreads a lot of cheer and happiness. What better way to add to this happiness than reflecting it in your home?

Below are few easy crafts and decor ideas for making your home Christmas ready - 

1) Christmas Tree on Cones : In our busy lives, not all of us can afford a big decked up tree in our homes. Apart from time, sometimes space or other factors also don't allow us to go all out with a big tree. Of course, when you go out in the market, you will get hordes of mini trees - which frankly look like a tack fest. How about you can make your own, which by no way, compromises on  style. 
You have to start by making cones, which can be of different sizes - say, as tall as 28" or as short as 9". A variety of sizes helps in creating a collection. Using poster boards or thick paper plates you can make your cone which will act as a base for your tree decoration. You can follow it up with a decoration of your choice - the options are myriad.

a) Decorative Paper

b) Feathers

Courtesy : Martha Stewart 

c) Felt or Lace

d) Glitter

1) DIY Ornaments : Whether you decorate a big tree or not, hanging ornaments is exclusive of that situation. Ornaments though, traditionally, are hung on the tree but you can hang them on buntings or your indoor plants and create your Christmas-y corner. 

a) Glittery Snow Ball - The link below the image also has the step by step tutorial.

Courtesy : Martha Stewart

b) Pinecones & Felt

c) Cinnamon Sticks Tree - Made from stuff you already have - Cinnamon sticks, pine garland & buttons.

d) Light Bulb Ornament : I am sure you must have switched to LED (No?? Dude, Ranbir Kapoor asked us to...No... Irrfan Khan... No?? Am I the only fan left of these guys??), upcycle your old bulbs into these awesome ornaments.

3) Wreath : A perfect finish to your Christmas decor would be a beautifully decorated wreath hung at you main door. Store bought wreaths are so generic and fake looking. Just add a touch of your flair to up the decor ante. 

a) Burlap Wreath

b) Yarn Wreath

c) Mini Wreath/Wreath Ornament - From buttons to threads to twigs - there are several ways to make these mini wreaths and either hang it on your tree or hang it together in a row like a bunting and decorate your main door.

So how are you spreading the holiday cheer in your home? We take this opportunity to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas in advance. May this festive season bring joy, peace and prosperity in all your lives. Until next time - 

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