Monday, February 2, 2015

Up-cycling is the New Black!!

Hi guys, it's been a while. We did pop in, once in a while, on our Facebook & Twitter page - are you following us yet (shameless plug-in I know)?? Yes we know we have been missing!! Without hogging any attention or piling on excuses, let's make it brief that I had been hospitalized and operated upon. In the process of recuperation, the blog was a bit neglected. Anyhoo, let's get back to business, shall we?

So buying furniture - you see around such beauties - in the stores, online, in someone else' home. Then you look at how you are stuck in a rut. The lofty investment gives you nightmares and sub-standard cheapo furniture is not your style. Upcycling and makeovers are here to your rescue. Luckily, we stay in India where it is still feasible to hire a carpenter to lift your magic wand for you. To all the people, who are enterprising enough to DIY (do-it-yourself), way to go - the change is in your hands (how Barack Obama was that :P). 

1) STAIN & PAINTStuck with a 70s style furniture that is too precious to let go but is totally cramping your style. Well, there's nothing a coat of paint and some new hardware can't solve!!

Check out this worn-out chest of drawers. Anyone would want to donate or just get rid of it - 

There is another way.... check out the After!! Bold, Modern and Eclectic...

Or when a basic wood chest is too blah for your liking - 

Hello, wood and white combo - this one is slowly replacing the classics, an absolute favorite!!

Or when you have inherited a vintage furniture, which has sentimental value, but is totally clashing with your Modern taste...

Oh how beautiful!!!

2) SMALL ADDITIONS, BIG DIFFERENCE : A small addition, by way of new hardware (drawer knobs or pulls, some nail-head trim etc) or few functional items can make a world of difference to your old and boring furniture.

Check out how this basic, cheapo dresser was changed to a high-end style -

Add some new drawer pulls and some decorative overlay, and voila...

Do you have one of these 80s Credenza?? I remember seeing it in almost every next house I went - used as a book shelf or a file cabinet or a TV unit. Are you stuck with something like this -

Oh boy, just look at the fabulous transformation - new hardware, paint and geometric overlay 

3) REUPHOLSTERING : Really, why do we even get rid of some really beautiful chairs or benches when some fabric, paint/stain and better quality foam and springs can make a world of difference.

Goodbye thrift store/yard sale monstrosity, Hello classy chair...

Goodbye Shabby Chic, Hello Modern Marvel...

Tell us how you liked this round-up. Inspirational much?? Have you ever tried a furniture makeover? It's time we waste less and Upcycle - woot woot!! Until next time....


  1. Came here accidentally when I typed house in the URL....staying for a while! I love the transformations and it reminded me to make a list of paint jobs on my pine furniture in the spare room....if only I lived in India to call someone to paint for me :) Oh well, waiting for warmer weather here to tackle that baby. I see white paint and some french graphic image transfers in my mind. Thanks for the kick start and inspiration!

  2. Do keep us posted how you transformed your pine furniture, we would love to feature it on our blog :). It's comments like yours that keep us going. Thank you :)