Monday, March 24, 2014

The One with the Throne

OK, so we are finally done with the Winter season. After much confusion about the weather status, we can officially welcome Spring. The situation was quite funny and quite a lot of round-robin jokes about the confusing weather (esp the famous Dabang dialogue joke - heard it?) kept my Whatsapp account abuzz. Not that I am looking forward to the sweltering months ahead but I am really glad to be done and over with the heavy pile of clothes on my body, wearing boots (I hate wearing closed shoes), shorter days - ugghhh not exactly a fan of the winter season!! Sadly, though, there goes my excuse for not taking a bath!!! Eeewwww who does that?? Not me :P

Now that spring is here and summer is just round the corner, why not discuss the Bathroom y'all? After all we will spend a lot of time there splashing our faces, showering twice or thrice a day and maybe catch a stomach bug and crap away (OK that's the first and last reference to it, I swear). Decorating bathrooms, though, easy but is quite often neglected. Whether you have a big or a small bathroom, it is always smart to effectively manage the space to serve you well and add a touch of your personality in the process. More often than not, a guest would like to use your bathroom - impress them non?? We will tell you how - 

1) Under the Sink - It's smart to use the space under the sink by building a Vanity under it with few shelves. You can store the stuff you don't want to display like your toilet cleaners, TP rolls, sink brushes et al.

Alternately, you can add a sink skirt for effectively using the space underneath. There are a lot of tutorials available online for you to try a DIY version (no sew skirts too!!). Or you can take the easiest way out by just adding few baskets underneath and use the space to your liking.

2) Mirror Image : Get rid of the stoic rectangle of the builder-grade mirrors. Scout the local market or online as a lot of ornate mirrors are available around. Else just get the basic boring mirrors framed. 

3) Light Fixture : A well lighted bathroom adds the much required freshness punch to it. And a perfect light fixture, esp the one above the mirror totally ups the ante. There are a lot of people who are pro-chandelier even in a bathroom but I am not one of them. A chandelier just adds a lot of heaviness to the room. Instead go for a modern or ornate light fixture to add the much required style factor to your bathroom.

Now my favorite - how interesting is the placement!!

4) Multi-purpose : Add utility and save space by adding these shelves with towel-hangers and *face-palm* the slogan "itte paise mein itta hi milega" :D.

5) Say it with Flowers : Nothing, I repeat, nothing can match the punch a bunch (oh boy, can I rhyme!!) of flowers can add to any space. A simple vase, even the one that these bouquet websites send can add a pop to a neutral space - easy, inexpensive and a lot of variety!!

6) Quirk Factor : Bathrooms are the place where you can really go all out in displaying your quirk fetish in decor without much judgement. There is a reason why toilet humour is called that - it is expected!! 

Like these hand towel holders - so cool!! Anyone else drooling over the pendant lights?? 

7) White isn't always Right : Pls pls buy colorful towels. White towels and their placement, esp in the guest bathroom screams hotel. Maybe you want that look but come on, are you for real? How difficult is it to maintain White towels!!! Roll colorful towels and place them either in a basket or on shelves and see how effectively they add to the overall styling.

8) Wall-art : Some very interesting Typography art are trending right now and depending on your taste, you can try your hand at some. Other options are thematic art, say nautical or city based quirky art. The options are myriad and total bang for your buck.
Typography Art - 

Or just a collection of different accessories to jazz things up - 

Some subway style signage -

Phew!! Quite a long list and my head is still buzzing with more ideas. Even a small space with the right ideas can pack a punch, right? So tell us how did you like this round up - helpful?? Anything that we missed or you want us to discuss, let us know!! Happy decorating, xoxo.

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