Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Happy Space :)

Anyone who reads, KNOWS what I am going to talk about today. It's your own reading corner, with a loaded, color/genre coded book shelf with a comfy chair, a warm fluffy throw and that perfectly brewed tea. Is this what heaven looks like?? - 

 While it's important to organize your bookshelves (something I am guilty of), styling it - following few basic rules, is what will make your reading habit reap decor benefits. So shall we begin - 

1) It's not just for BOOKS : To create an aesthetically appealing look, please understand that loading your book-shelf with just books will only give it a very serious lawyer-y vibe. Mix it up with few accessories, change the stacking style of books - few horizontally aligned and few vertically and maybe jazz it up with art.

2) Displaying a Collection : So you love collecting White ceramic accessories or have an extensive craft collection - display it on your book shelf. Your book-shelf should resonate not only your book choices but other aspects of your personality too. You have spent years adding to your collection and with a passion and commitment towards it, it definitely deserves a pride of place on your book shelf.

3) Add Texture : What spells function as well as beauty - Storage boxes. Add decorative or woven storage boxes for color and texture and it can be used to store your magazines or anything else that you don't want to display. 


4) Hang Art : So you thought you can only align your framed artworks on one of the shelves. How about I tell you that you can hang them. This is the best way to break the flow and also add a topical vibe to your bookshelf, say, a sea-side art adds a coastal vibe.

5) Customize : So you bought your book-shelf from a retail store or an online portal and so did your neighbour. Does that mean you have to be lost in this mass-produced mayhem. Of course not!!! You can line the back of your book-shelves with pretty wall-paper or paint it in a bright color and see what a world of difference it creates. 

With Wallpaper - 

With Paint - 

6) Play with Height : Layering pieces of art, decorative vases and books create visual depth. Add height in small figurines by placing them on top of horizontally stacked books. 

7) All's Well that Ends Well : Book-ends are the Emerald earrings to your White dress - makes a hell lot of difference in elevating the look. While functionally, they need to be placed on either ends of a stack of books but add visual interest and variety by mixing the stack in horizontal and vertical and place the book-ends on top of the horizontally stacked ones. Something like this - 

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